Thom Blythe is a 28-year-old transplant from Texas now living and working in the Bay Area.  He's passionate about taking his influences, experiences, and inspirations and merging them together into wholly new and interesting experiences.  Having hand-built electric guitars from blank slabs of wood and spools of wire in the past has given him a critical eye for detail.  He's just as comfortable behind his workstation as he is inside of it.  Having a strong foundation in computer building lends to his technical side and strong desire to not just do something but to understand the mechanics of it.

If he isn't behind a computer or camera working on a project he'll likely be found honing his cooking skills in the kitchen.  Cooking has been a lifelong passion of his and has been a place to experiment with creativity and develop an understanding of balance and composition.

Having recently finished a BFA for Motion Pictures and Television - Editing at the Academy of Art University he is currently looking for work doing Motion Design, Video Editing, Filming, and anything else related to the production of video or film.


Computer Skills:

6+ years Final Cut Pro 7

6+ years AfterEffects

10+ years Photoshop

10+ years Adobe Premiere





Adobe Creative Suite

Final Cut Studio

Classes Taken:

AfterEffects for Professional Editors

Visual Effects 1, 2, & 3

Rotoscoping 1

Editing 1, 2, & 3

Texture and Lighting 1 & 2

Computer Animation & Production

Cinematography 1

Lighting 1

Special Effects/Make Up

Sound 1

Motion Picture Language

Photo-Storyboarding & Super 8

Intro to Computer Graphics